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Ashok Leyland at Defexpo with Garuda, Super Stallions: SAAB BAMSE SRSAM system

In recent years, Ashok Leyland has diversified its product platform at both ends of the product spectrum venturing into a new segment. This sees a brand-new 2.5T Truck and a new Super Stallion platform variant with the 10×10 HMV. A new Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV) also joins the Ashok Leyland fleet.

Garuda 4×4 is a contemporary vehicle equipped with a fuel efficient engine (BS4-ready), HVAC option in cabin, and high maneuverability and carries payloads up to 2.5 T for optimum mobility to the Paramilitary forces / Security agencies here and abroad.

Super Stallion 10×10 carries forward the Super-Stallion 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles strength and can carry higher payloads offering better mobility. Ashok Leyland vehicles are now available in 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and 10×10 configurations to be present as Troop Carriers to Weapons systems such as the Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher, Mounted Gun System, UAV launcher and Command Post Applications besides Mine Protected Vehicles, Field Artillery Tractor, Tank Transporter, Electronics warfare systems, Bridge Launcher, and many more.

Ashok Leyland Super Stallion 6×6 gets power from the Neptune engine, and is now upgraded with a state-of-the-art new gen cabin for better driver comfort through air-suspended seats, ergonomic controls and ride quality.

Ashok Leyland Armoured vehicles segment sees a Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV) that offers unmatched mobility and stringent levels of protection to withstand a 14 kg TNT blast under the hull and 21 kg TNT blast under the wheel. Side blast protection is of 11 kg TNT and an extremely lethal nitrate based emulsion blast of 50 kg.

Ashok Leyland and SAAB have signed a partnership agreement to deliver High Mobility Vehicles for SAAB’s BAMSE Short Range Surface to Air Missile(SRSAM) system. These will be integrated with Ashok Leyland’s Super Stallion 8 x 8 for capability across geographical terrains under all weather conditions.

Ashok Leyland’s mount for Nexter Systems’ Howitzer, Caesar is a Mounted Gun System for the Indian Army. The Caesar – a 155 mm / 52-calibre gun-howitzer is integrated in Super Stallion 6×6.

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