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Ashok Leyland Bada Dost Xpress CNG 12 Seater – 2023 Auto Expo

Each of these vehicles showcased by Ashok Leyland are green – Powered by electric, CNG and hydrogen options

New Ashok Leyland Bada Dost Xpress CNG Mini PV
New Ashok Leyland Bada Dost Xpress CNG Mini PV

Ashok Leyland, a company which is among the top in the country’s commercial vehicle segment, is in attendance at the 2023 Auto Expo currently being held at Greater Noida. The company has on display a total of 7 advanced mobility solutions.

These are Battery Electric vehicle, Fuel Cell Electric vehicle, Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicle, a Liquefied Natural Gas Vehicle along with an Intercity CNG bus, Bada Dost Xpress mini passenger bus and an ambulance. Each of these display units portray the company’s futuristic range with electric, CNG and hydrogen powertrain options.

Ashok Leyland Bada Dost Xpress

The mini passenger bus called Bada Dost Xpress is designed for city and highway travel. It consists of 12 seats with special emphasis on passenger comforts and is spacious enough for easy ingress and egress. It is powered by a P15 BS6 CNG engine. Max power output is 58 hp, max torque is 158 Nm while max speed is 80 kmph. Wheelbase is 2800 mm.

Safety is highlighted via grab rails, safety handles and anti-skid flooring material. Features include air conditioning and vehicle tracking system. Take a look at the detailed walkaround video shared by Behind The Wheels.

New Ashok Leyland intercity CNG Bus is a 13.5 meter long 4×2 bus, making it the longest in its segment. It is powered by a turbocharged CNG engine with a capacity of 1500 liters (255 kgs) of CNG which is stored in light weight composite cylinders mounted on a frame.

This bus offers a range of 1000 kms, has a luggage load of 11 cubic meters which again is the best in its segment while with 36 berths has the highest passenger capacity in its segment by 20 percent. There is also an ambulance which the company has on display at the 2023 Auto Expo.

Ashok Leyland Future Tech – 2023 Auto Expo

The first among its future vehicles on display is the BOSS Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). This electric truck comes in designed for last mile delivery and intra city transportation. It is suited for delivery of parcels, poultry, white goods and agri-perishable products and comes in with a high performance electric motor along with advanced lithium-ion battery technology. It is not only capable of a higher range but also comes in with features such as a light weight design, fast charging, a higher payload and minimal downtime.

New Ashok Leyland Boss Electric
New Ashok Leyland Boss Electric. Image – Truck Junction

There is also the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle on display that is essentially an electric truck powered by hydrogen. This offering is in support of India’s National Hydrogen Mission and a global commitment to Carbon Neutrality by 2050. This electric truck gets a fuel cell in which atmospheric oxygen and hydrogen produce electricity to power the vehicle. It uses a lithium-ion battery with an external charging system to run the vehicle. For better safety, the company has added a leak detection system..

Ashok Leyland has also displayed a Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicle. This vehicle is fitted with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System) for enhanced safety while it is powered by Hydrogen which is a renewable and clean energy source. Liquefied Natural Gas Vehicle showcased by Ashok Leyland runs on LNG and CNG. While LNG is preferred for heavy duty vehicles so as to ensure longer range. This natural gas, which is stored in a tank mounted on the truck, is super cooled and cryogenically in liquid form.

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