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Asia Pacific 2013 India Escaped Shopper Study, JD Power report


JD Power Asia Pacific 2013 India Escaped Shopper Study draws attention to criteria used by buyers of new vehicles. A notable difference in criteria and reasons for purchase was found among buyers in various regions of India.

cars-in-IndiaThe study is based on the responses of 8687 buyers and 3271 rejecters of new cars and utility vehicles during the period September 2012 and April 2013.

The study takes into account reasons why new vehicle shoppers consider but later reject certain models in favor of another which studied the period between March and July 2013. A total of 70% buyers in the West and 57% in the east are making purchases of new vehicles for the first time. Though design and styling plays a major role in vehicle selection in the North, in the South, buyers opt for better fuel efficiency and southern buyers are also seen to be more disciplined and careful in their purchasing process.

The study also concludes that the internet is vastly used for research and to guide customers through the vehicle purchasing process. The use of Internet for vehicle purchase has seen a marked increase especially in the south from 21% in 2009 to 42% in 2013. Northern buyers however prefer to rely on advice given by friends and relatives.

A further discovery was made that northern households own multiple cars as against any of the other three regions while small cars were not as popular with buyers in the North preferring to opt for larger sedans and SUVs. The study also saw that Maruti Suzuki was the most preferred nameplate for the 9th consecutive year. 37% of buyers opted for cars from this automaker while buyers of other brands such as Tata Motors and M&M would not consider any other brand while making purchases.


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