15 year old Russian lad takes delivery of Aston Martin, crashes it three days later

It was an Aston Martin DB9 grand tourer that the young lad Konstantin P purchased from a man named Dmitry. He arrived at Dmitry’s door with two other teenagers all dressed in uniform sporting the emblem of F C Zenith. Konstantin P, identified by Russian media as the goalkeeper for the Zenith 84 football club, paid cash for the car and asked the owner to drop off the car at the City Center.

aston martin crash
The Aston Martin in question after the crash.

Just three days later the young lad crashed the Aston Martin sports car into a Volkswagen Tiguan at an intersection of St. Petersburg, and fled the scene of the accident. Konstantin P, however spoke to the press clarifying his stand and stating that the accident was not his fault. He asserted that he looked around the intersection, saw no one approaching while the Volkswagen Tiguan appeared out of nowhere. He was cruising at a speed of 40-50 kmph while the oncoming vehicle came onto him at 80 kmph.

The youngster stated that he fled the scene due to the fact that he did not possess a license. He now faces several charges on several counts amongst which are that he abandoned the scene of the accident, prison sentence and hefty fines. However, what is even more shocking is the fact that someone actually sold a car to a 15 year old boy. The DB9 has suffered much damage with its right hand side wrecked which will naturally cost a much to be repaired.