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Aston Martin Electric Lagonda Vision Concept debuts

Aston Martin Electric Lagonda Vision Concept detailed at the Geneva Motor Show is a design study on which a new range of Aston Martin’s luxury electric vehicles will be based which is being planned for 2021.

Lagonda Vision Concept sports a futuristic design with interiors that spell opulence with luxury material and lavish touches. Aston Martin expects the first cars in the new line of Lagondas to start from 2021 with a coupe and SUV being release by 2023.

Aston Martin got David Snowdon, world famous furniture designer who is also the nephew of Queen Elizabeth II, to help with the designing of the interiors of the Lagonda. Its interiors are done up with ceramic tiles, hand woven wool, cashmere and silk while its complete glass roof offers a panoramic view of the exteriors.

It gets rear hinged doors with open roof sections that allow passengers to stand up and step out. The seats are designed like armchairs and mounted on cantilevered arms so as to offer more floor space. The seats can spin 180 degrees to face inwards.

The steering wheel, though present, can be completely done away with once autonomous systems come into play allowing the driver to steer the car on demand.

In terms of technology, the Aston Martin Lagonda will have the ability to travel upto 400 miles on a single charge. It will be capable of Level 4 autonomy and completely able to drive itself. The batteries are affixed low down in the floor of the car so as to ensure low center of gravity.

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