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Aston Martin eyes top slot in market share among the luxury sports car marquees in India

The Indian luxury car market is set to be on an upward trend with higher disposable incomes in the offing. Here’s a brief on Aston martin luxury car growth strategies for the Indian auto market and road condition pertaining to driving such cars as explained by Lalit Choudary, MD of Infinity Cars.

Where do you see the luxury car market in India in the next 2 years? How will Aston Martin be positioned in this lineup? The market is likely to witness reasonable growth spurred in part by the entry of various brands. We believe we will be a contender for the top slot in market share among the high luxury sports car marquees.

When you sell an Aston Martin in India, does the lack of solid infrastructure/good roads in general bother you? The roads are improving especially with respect to highways. In the city, driving the Astons offer a comfortable and smooth drive in comparison to other sports cars. Ground clearance on the cars is also fairly good and allows for the cars to drive comfortably over speed bumps and the like. Having said that, to best enjoy these cars one needs to drive them in sections of the city or expressways that offer the best surfaces to drive on.


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