Aston Martin in Indian auto market: Lalit Choudary, Managing Director of Infinity Cars Private Limited

Indian roads conditions do not really allow a consumer to thoroughly enjoy such high power cars – what with potholes and rough roads. Do you think Aston Martin will generally be a wasted brand because of this reason – apart from a few buyers here and there?

The roads are improving especially with respect to highways. Further, in city driving the Astons offer a comfortable and smooth drive in comparison to other sports cars. Ground clearance on the cars is also fairly good and allows for the cars to drive comfortably over speed bumps and the like.

Which of the models is most suited to Indian road conditions and why?

The Rapide is a practical car given its four door functionality. Ground clearance and driving comfort on the car is unlike other sports cars. The other models in the Aston range, such as the DBS, Virage, Vantage S have also performed well on our roads. Having said that, to best enjoy these cars one needs to drive them in sections of the city or expressways that offer the best surfaces to drive on.

Define “performance cars”. What contributed to bringing Aston Martin to India?

Performance Cars – as the name suggests is our endeavour to represent the best of ‘performance cars’ the world has to offer.

Having got into the luxury car business a few years ago I saw that there is an appetite for a company such as Performance Cars in India. Several brands were yet to make an entry into the market. Among them though, Aston Martin stood out. One grew up seeing these cars in various James Bond movies. When I spoke with potential customers their eyes lit up at the prospect of owning an Aston Martin. That got me thinking and prompted me to visit the Aston Martin factory at Gaydon in the summer of 2009. Seeing the passion with which the team put these cars together and witnessing the cars roll out of the factory custom built one by one, it left me with a craving for the brand and deepened my desire to bring the brand to India.

Besides a typical James Bond man, who do you envision driving these cars on the streets?

Buyers of these cars will be fabulously wealthy individuals. However, it’s not wealth alone that determines a buyer. The buyer will be someone who is sophisticated, widely travelled, has had a taste for luxury and is on the lookout for something very exclusive; that only a few will possess. Owning an Aston Martin makes a unique and compelling statement.