Aston martin luxury car growth strategies for Indian auto market as explained by Lalit Choudary, MD of Infinity Cars

What are you growth strategies for 2012? We are currently focused on consolidating our presence in the Mumbai market. With time as the population of cars increase in other cities, one will consider establishing a presence. However, this will need to be done with full support of Aston Martin and needs to also reflect the evolution of the market locally.

Any initiatives that you have in mind to help Aston Martin grow in India? We have built a strong foundation for the brand in India. Our continued focus on serving the existing customers well and reaching out to new buyers in a targeted manner should help us achieve greater market penetration.

How many cars have been booked/sold for January 2012? I would approximate there will be over 50 Aston Martins in the country by the middle of 2012. Since hardcore online media advertisements, and TVC’s are not the norm, how do you reach out to potential buyers in India? Our Marketing efforts are well targeted. We offer our cars for profiling in various car magazines and publications. We showcase our cars at events that attract the elite. We participate in auto exhibitions alike. These are hand built cars and meant for a select group of buyers. Those who are well versed with their prestige and exclusivity don’t require hardcore advertisements as the brand speaks for itself.

When asked, Aston Martin being a luxury brand, what do you expect from the Indian car market, Lalit Choudary, MD of Infinity Cars Private Limited had this to say. In the last few years India has witnessed the entry of almost all globally significant automotive manufacturers. Aston Martin as a luxury brand is meant to be very exclusive with 30-50 units being sold annually in the country. With these volumes split across cities the cars will remain a rarity on the roads. As a result they will retain their exclusivity and remain an aspirational purchase.

What were your sales figures for 2011? Cars retail from 1.5-2.7 cr and we have delivered close to 25 cars. Are you happy with this number, and what does it mean for Aston Martin? We achieved the volumes we set out to reach in the first year. I think this is creditable against the backdrop of other brands also entering the market around a similar time and a muted economy especially in the second half of the year.