Aston Martin V8 Vantage S on ADV.1 Wheels (Photos & Video)

If you are looking for aftermarket modifications, then there is some good news. ADV.1 Wheels has just revealed their new set of alloys for V8 Vantage S. The new set of ADV.1 5.0 Track Spec Superlights, three piece forged all aluminum wheels come with front wheels of size 21×9 inches while rear wheels are of 21×11 inches.

Speaking about the company, Jordan Swerdloff, President, ADV.1 Wheels, says, “ADV.1 is a design company, although we run one of the most efficient & organized production / manufacturing facilities in the industry, it’s only a necessity needed in order to produce our designs & keep up with demand because of them. We developed ADV.1 around design, unlike most who design around the industry.

Instead we’ve made it our goal since day one to always stay true to our passion for design and never allow ourselves to be influenced by trends or competitors. Because of that we’ve built a product line that shapes and guides the trends and competitors. We only release products that are new and innovative, never adaptations of another existing product no matter how good it may look or how much potential revenue it may generate.

Many who have dealt with us know, it’s not about the money for us as much as it is the design, quality, and engineering. From a business perspective, sure we can generate more sales, yes we can cease our individualized engineering process in exchange for a template style, more efficient process, and yes we can accept an order for zebra striped wheels instead of deny it, but we won’t. Our goal is to remain a design firm, not a high volume, low quality brand that sells to the masses, instead a boutique style automotive design group producing low volume, high quality products for those who have researched their options and know exactly what they want.”


ADV.1 Wheels AM V8 Vantage-S