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Owner crashes Aston Martin Vantage and saves a street dog in Delhi (Update)

Aston Martin Vantage crash India

And the great crash of supercars continues in India. This time around, its an Aston Martin Vanquish that’s made contact.

UPDATE: More photos added.

The driver lost control of his Aston Martin Vantage in trying to avoid contact with a street dog, and a split second swerve ended with the car going into a tree, coming to a halt altogether.

Aston Martin Vantage crash India

The exclusive car belonged to Ashish Sabharwal.

No injuries are reported, and no police case was registered. The accident occurred close to the Italian Embassy in Chanakyapuri. Surely, a great day for one lucky dog crossing the street.

The Aston Martin Vantage bonnet and front grille bore the brunt of the impact and wore a heavily damaged look. In fact, the front body contracted upon impact squeezing engine bits into each other. The damaged Aston Martin Vantage was ferried away by a crane. The exact cause of the accident is being investigated. Damage to public property too was minimal as the car swerved left, climbed a footpath, hit a tree, and stopped. Airbags deployed immediately to protect the lone occupant.

Clearly, Ashish Sabharwal wouldn’t have expected to crash his Aston Martin Vantage and is likely not to have been driving at a low speed, in which case he could simply have used the brakes to bring it to a halt.

This is the 5th supercar crash reported in India, in less than 40 days. The previous four being 3 Lamborghini’s and one Porsche. This raises a question, should there be a separate driving license to drive supercars in India?


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