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Aston Martin Vision 8 gives a glimpse into the future of AM cars

Back in 2016, Aston Martin revealed the AM-RB-001, a concept which has been created by the joining of hands of Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing F1 team. It is under this partnership we can expect the future Aston Martin to be built. Ahead of that, a designer has revealed a few ideas.

Designed by Costas Phouphoullides, a well-known British designer, the Aston Martin Vision 8 concept is seen as a car of the future via a computer generated render. This new mid engined supercar is regarded as the V8 Vantage of the future and deviates from most Aston Martin’s trademark design cues.

Sporting a hood and front grille design that comes off the DB11, the Aston Martin Vision 8 drawing also reveal futuristic looking LED tail lamps and wrap around windscreen which are noted to join along with side windows, conceptual headlights akin to those which will be seen on the Aston Martin of 2025.

The car also gets massive wheel arches and side skirts on the sides. It is the total lack of a rear window that attracts ones attention to the concept while it is wondered whether this is the design that will carry on into the Aston Martin cars of the future.

No other official specs for the car has been revealed save for its exteriors which follow a futuristic theme. The lack of frame on side windows and totally devoid of rear glass is what draws ones attention as do its tyres which adopt a distinctive futuristic stance.