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Aston Martin’s Chinese supplier is the reason for recent recall

aston martin recall

Aston Martin has announced a recall that has affected 17,590 of their cars. The affected cars are – all left hand drive models built since Nov 2007, and all right hand drive models built since May 2012. Aston Martin’s latest sports car, Vanquish has not been affected by this recall.

The reason of this recall is due to a fake component scare. Aston Martin were sourcing the accelerator pedal arm from China’s Shenzhen Kexiang Mould Tool Co Limited. This firm was caught using fake plastic, and labeling it as an official DuPont product. The fake plastic was supplied by Synthetic Plastic Raw Material Co Ltd of Dongguan.

In a statement given by Aston Martin, they revealed that no injuries or accidents have been reported due to this fake component. They have already identified a replacement supplier for this fake component, and this supplier is based in the UK. (via)

aston martin recall


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