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Ather 450 electric scooters complete 6 lakh kms – Ride data revealed

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It’s been a year that Ather made its first electric scooter available in Bangalore. And as per the company, the year has provided much needed insight and data pertaining to rider behaviour, and some of that data isn’t all that predictable.

It’s not known how many Ather 450 riders were considered for the data at hand, but numbers show, the company has analysed 600,000+ kms ridden by a cumulative number of 450s. The longest distance registered to a single scooter is 8,344 kms. The rider rode across Nandi Hills – Tirupathi – Hyderabad – Vijaywada – Amaravathi – Dharmasthala .

Of the total 600k plus kms clocked, the majority of the distance was on ride mode – 387,580 kms. That would mean, ride mode is the popular and convenient ride mode for daily riding at 64 percent, and 218,014 kms were ridden on Sport Mode (36 percent). Below are more such interesting details about the electric scooter riding data shared by Ather Energy.

There’s also apprehensions regarding full charge when it comes to na electric vehicle, and whether or not it’ll suffice for minimal daily commuting needs. The data chart from Ather Energy suggests that’s not a bother, as Banaglore city dwellers who use Ather 450s appear to travel less than 20 kms daily. Their count puts average daily commute at 17 kms, and weekend commute at 14 kms.

While that may appear to be a silver lining, Bangalore does in fact have gnarly traffic jams, and common folk do travel great distances to get to work. And as such, Ather 450 customers may be using their rides to only travel short and calculated distances.

Charging behaviour points to charging at home being a common preference. Within those, most charge at non-peak hours, anytime between 7pm and 6am. Public charging is the least chosen option at just 5 percent. 23 percent of all vehicle charging activity is done with the help of a charging cable.

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When it comes to public charging, it’s non Ather vehicle owners who use the Ather Grid most times. Ather Space is a popular charging location. Restaurants and Cafes account for 49 percent of charging stops.

State of charge stats provide an insight into charging behaviour, which is analysed to be conservative. 65 percent of charging activity is initiated when there’s still over 40 percent state of charge. 90% percent of rides get underway with atleast 40 percent state of charge. Quite simply put, folks start charging their battery at the 40 percent mark, and won’t start a ride unless the battery is 40 percent charged.

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