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Ather 450 vs Bajaj Chetak electric scooter – Battery, range compare

Ather welcomes Bajaj
Ather welcomes Bajaj

Ather Energy welcomed the newly launched Bajaj Chetak to the electric scooter club with a congratulatory tweet but like any smart rival would do, used the opportunity to spread the word about the imminent launch of its next product. The Ather 450X, an improved version of the existing 450 is set to be introduced soon.

In addition the tweet, Ather also released a specification comparo between its 450 and Chetak. It looks like both the premium urban-focused electric scooters are more or less evenly specified. Ather’s comparison chart doesn’t shy from revealing the areas where the 450 is slightly inferior to its primary rival but we think its because the Bangalore-based startup is confident that the upcoming 450X will plug those shortcomings and more.

While the Ather 450 manages to dish out higher peak power (5.4 kW) and higher torque (20.5 Nm), the Bajaj Chetak manages to deliver better continuous power of 3.8 kW (0.5 kW higher than 450). The performance figures of the Chetak are not out yet so there is nothing to compare on this front yet. The Ather offers 3 riding modes while the Bajaj makes do with only 2.

Ather vs Bajaj
Ather vs Bajaj

The Bajaj Chetak is offered in 6 color options while you can buy Ather in any color as long as its white. The former employs ABS plastic bodywork while the newest arrival opts for metal body. There are some territories where the 450 has clear advantage over the Chetak. For example, the 450 comes equipped with dual discs as standard while even the fully loaded variant of Chetak settles only for a front disc. Ather also offers free public charging which is not currently in Bajaj’s agenda.

Then there is the matter of pricing. The Ather 450 is priced at INR 1.13 lakh on-road while the future-loaded variant of the Bajaj Chetak retails for INR 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom, exclusive of insurance, RTO fees and transport cost). The entry level drum brake variant costs INR 1 lakh (ex-showroom).

In its favor, the Chetak sports larger battery capacity (3 kWh as against the 450’s 2.7 kWh), keyless entry, faster charging time, theft and accident detection systems. Bajaj’s maiden electric two wheeler will initially be retailed in Bangalore (Ather’s home base) and Pune (Bajaj’s home base).


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