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Ather 450S HR With 3.76kWh Battery Homologated – Rivals Ola S1X+

Ather 450 range gets new addition
Ather 450 range gets new addition

The upcoming Ather 450S HR with 3.76 kWh battery promises 41 km higher claimed range and about 20 km higher true range than current 450S with 2.9 kWh battery

Ola S1X+ with a 4 kWh battery pack made the prospect of Ather 450S slightly feeble. Ather is now retaliating with a new variation of its most affordable 450S with a larger 3.67 kWh battery. Called Ather 450S HR, this should put on quite a fight against Ola’s more affordable S1X+ with a 4 kWh battery pack.

Ather 450S HR With 3.76kWh Battery Homologated

The Indian startup brand, Ather Energy, is launching a bigger battery version of its recently launched affordable 450S model. As of now, flagship Ather 450X has battery pack choices between 2.9 kWh and 3.7 kWh. The same treatment is now given with lower-tier Ather 450S as well. “HR” in Ather 450S HR could very well mean ‘High Range’ or ‘Higher Range’.

Speaking of range, Ather claims 156 km (AIS 040 certified) on a single charge with 450S HR. This is a 10 km higher claimed range than 450X Gen 3 with a 3.7 kWh battery. True range might be around 110 km on a single charge. When compared to current 450S, upcoming 450S HR promises a 41 km higher claimed range and (around) 20 km higher true range.

As per homologation document below, Ather 450S HR will pack a Nickel and Cobalt based Li-ion battery. It has a 3-phase PMS motor made by Mahle with up to 5.4 kW peak power (7.24 bhp) in Sports Mode. There are a total of four riding modes – Eco Mode, Smart Eco Code (likely to be ‘Mode’ and not ‘Code’), Ride Mode and Sports Mode.

Ather 450S HR homologated
Ather 450S HR homologated

Warp Mode is only available with top-spec 450X. Top speed, however, is reduced with Ather 450S HR. It boasts 80 km/h top speed as opposed to 90 km/h on current 450S, 450X and 450X Gen3.

What are the changes as opposed to current model?

As per the new homologation document, Ather 450S HR doesn’t show any dimensional difference when compared to current models. 450S HR measures 1837 mm in length, 739 mm in width, 1114 mm in height and has a 1296 mm wheelbase. Gross vehicle weight (GVW) is still the same as other Ather scooters at 243 kg.

In terms of features, upcoming Ather 450S HR will align with current 450S. In this sense, it will lack the advanced 7-inch TFT touchscreen infotainment system that supports Google Maps and a plethora of features and technology. Instead, 450S HR will feature the new 7-inch Deepview non-touch display that supports Bluetooth with smartphone connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation among others.

As per pricing, current 450S with a 2.9 kWh battery costs Rs. 1.3 lakh (ex-sh, including subsidies in Karnataka). Going by that, Ather 450S HR might cost Rs. 1.4 lakh (ex-sh, including subsidies in Karnataka). Adding Ather’s Pro Packs could take the prices higher by up to Rs. 20,000.

For context, Ola S1X+ with 4 kWh battery costs Rs. 1.1 lakh (ex-sh) and Simple One with a much larger 5 kWh battery costs Rs. 1.45 lakh (ex-sh). Ather is likely to launch 450S HR soon.

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