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Ather 450X Electric Scooter Receives Atherstack Atom OTA Update

Ather 450x in Pune
Ather 450x in Pune

Ather Energy has released the 13th OTA update for their 450x electric scooter

The Ather riding experience is now more convenient with the latest Atherstack Atom update. This means one can take phone calls and change tracks with Ather 450X control. With this, one can view music and phone calls from the Ather 450X dashboard.

The revamped Ather app means existing owners can get feature upgrades via OTA. This is the 13th OTA (Over the Air) update to Atherstack Atom. Now one can enjoy Bluetooth based Music & Call feature on Ather 450X. One can pair the scooter’s 7- inch touchscreen dashboard to a smartphone in use.

Atherstack Atom

When music is playing, album art, song name, and artist name can be viewed on the dash. When stationary, the rider can switch to previous track, play/pause current track or switch to next track. The update is compatible with all popular music streaming services and podcast services.

One can accept/reject the call on the touchscreen dashboard. A combination of physical switches can be used when riding. Ather Energy is working to introduce a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which will further enhance vehicle performance. Take a look at the short video on the newest update.

With these additions, the need to pull out one’s phone when riding is limited. The new Ather App proves to be a clean, intuitive interface with a contextual home screen for easy access to all info a rider typically needs. Currently, it’s available on Android in the Google Play Store. In a few weeks it will be released in the Apple App Store for iOS users.

Tarun Mehta, Ather Energy, said “We are happy to finally update the Bluetooth based Music & Call feature on our flagship model. With the Atherstack Atom update, we aimed at simplifying a user’s ride experience, improving convenience, and removing all mental overheads when a phone rings while also being safe.

We hope that every Ather 450X owner will love the experience just like we did. Every Ather 450X delivered to date will automatically download the OTA, while the new deliveries will have the feature built-in. Our team is also working on adding more smart and connected accessories so Ather owners can have a fully integrated system.”

Fast Charging Points

Ather Energy will also go about installing Ather Grid, 3-4 fast charging points at key locations across the cities they are present in – with the count set to double by the end of this year. For this, the company seeks partnership with cafes, restaurants, malls, gyms and tech parks. To date, Ather Energy has a presence in over 17 cities with 120+ fast charging points.

Ather offers the 450 and 450X electric scooters, both of which will be on sale via the new showrooms. The Ather 450X is priced at Rs.1,59,524 while the 450 Plus retails at Rs.1,40,514.

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