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Ather 450X Electric Scooter Production Crosses 25k In 25 Months

Ather 450X electric scooter production has surpassed the 25k units milestone

Ather 450x Electric Scooter - 25,000th unit rollout
Ather 450x Electric Scooter – 25,000th unit rollout

Ather Energy finds itself celebrating yet another milestone. It’s been a little over 2 years (about 25 months) since the first Ather 450X rolled out. That was January 2020. Fast forward 2 years, and on March 4, 2022, the manufacturer rolled out its 25,000th unit.

Reaching this number already may not have been what people expected considering sales was limited to a few hundred units a month. That number is fast changing and things are looking up for E2W manufacturers. Total industry size has ballooned, and 2022 is already looking better than ever before.

YoY Ather sales growth

Ather saw YoY sales more than double. The market has been receptive to electric scooters in recent months, and expectations point to this number growing even further. The space continues to be interesting as the number of companies selling E2Ws, especially electric scooters, has grown by the month.

The industry is being filled by companies that haven’t traditionally been present in the industry, and point to new age businesses that are drafting the future of electric mobility. With a large number of E2W companies setting shop as startups, a lot of what the future holds depends on funding these companies can attract.

On that front, Ather has fared well. With focus on growth and product development, Ather Energy has had several rounds of funding. With the electric two wheeler industry teething, it’s only a matter of time when volumes become manifold. The industry is taking baby steps in an industry of unknown territory.

Of the companies that reported sales to the industry body, total electric two wheeler sales last month surpassed the 32k mark. This in itself may not look phenomenal but represents manifold growth. A year earlier, the E2W segment saw total sales closer to the 6k mark.

Ather network expansion

The company is keen on increasing its presence and this will be possible when the company begins business in many more cities than it does today. As per plan, in the next 3 years, there will be 600 retail outlets.

Being able to cater to that many touchpoints will only be possible when manufacturing increases. To ensure an ecosystem that supports its growth plans, Ather Energy is increasing its scooter production per annum.  

With an increasing number of electric 2W manufacturers, the future fosters a truly competitive environment. Only recently, Ola electric has entered the space, and where sales is concerned, the company aims for runaway success. 

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