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New Ather 450X Electric Scooter With More Power Leaks – Is It Gen 4?

Gen 3 made 6.2 kW of peak power in Warp Mode, Gen 4 Ather 450X is rated to make 6.4 kW of peak power in Warp Mode

Ather Electric Scooter
Ather Electric Scooter

If you thought that Gen 3 Ather 450X marked the height of Bengaluru-based company’s R&D department for some time, you’re in for a surprise. We have come across an NCT type approval for a new 450X. This shows Ather’s relentless approach toward pushing out new electric scooters.

This new document shows 450X as the base model even though that is less likely as 450 Plus is their base model. There are two settings, which indicate Gen 4 Ather 450 Plus will be launched alongside Gen 4 Ather 450X. Let’s take a look at all the changes.

Gen 4 Ather 450X Homologated?

Gen 4 battery capacity is still 3.66 kWh (Nickel Cobalt based). Which was up from 2.6 kWh of 450X Gen 2. Ather seems to have incorporated beefed-up cooling systems over the Gen 3 model. A beefier casing is also a possibility. We say this because Gen 3 battery pack used to weigh 19 kg in total, while Gen 4 battery pack weighs 22 kg.

Even though the battery chemistry or cells seems to be the same, Gen 4 Ather 450X will come with more oomph. How much more oomph? One might ask. Gen 3 made 6.2 kW of peak power in Warp Mode, Gen 4 is rated to make 6.4 kW of peak power in Warp Mode. Sport Mode makes 5.8 kW, Ride Mode is rated at 3.2 kW, Smart Eco Mode is rated at 2.3 kW and Eco Mode is rated at 1.9 kW in terms of peak power.

Gen 4 Ather 450X Homologated
Gen 4 Ather 450X Homologated

There is a “Setting 2” that is mentioned in the document which is likely to be Gen 4 Ather 450 Plus. This doesn’t get Warp Mode and the power figures for the rest of the modes are similar to “Setting 1” which is Gen 4 Ather 450X. Continuous power is now 3.1 kW in Warp Mode, down from 3.3 kW. Range for Setting 1 is 146 km and 108 km for Setting 2 which are largely similar to gen 3 products.

Dimension Changes

Ather is reportedly working on a new affordable model to rival Ola S1. It will have a smaller battery and fewer features. This new development is unlikely to be the aforementioned affordable model. Ather calls this 450X which is the company’s top-spec vehicle till now. This is likely to be a generational change like we saw with Gen 3. Just too early in the life cycle.

Gen 3 had zilch changes to its dimensions over Gen 2. That is not the case with Gen 4 Ather 450X. Length is similar at 1,837 mm. Width is now 739 mm over 734 mm in Gen 3. Overall height is now 1,114 mm, down from 1,250 mm of previous generation. With Gen 4 Ather 450X, wheelbase has gone up by 1 mm.

Looking at these changes, Ather could have gone for 10” wheels instead of 12”. Or this new 450X could very well offer a sporty and committed posture too, owing to its revised height. Whatever it is, that is cooking at Ather’s labs, will break cover in the coming months. This upcoming electric scooter will rival Ola S1 Pro, Hero Vida V1 Pro, Bajaj Chetak, TVS iQube and the likes.

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