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Ather Electric Scooter Delivery Promised In 3 Weeks – Via Full Payment Option

Ather 450X
Ather 450X

Buyers will be assured of a buyback value of Rs. 85k for the 450X and Rs 75k for the 450 Plus; after a three year period

Ather 450X and 450 Plus electric scooters are now set to be delivered to customers who have made pre-bookings. A new window is being opened for these patrons to complete their payment formalities while deliveries are promised from mid November.

Today, Ather announced the opening of full payment option for both their scooters – 450X and the 450 Plus. Once you have made the full payment, Ather has guaranteed delivery within 3 weeks period. This payment option is only launched in Bangalore and Chennai. Other cities are expected to get this option at a later date. 450X is priced at Rs 1.59 lakhs while the 450 Plus is priced at Rs 1.4 lakhs.

4 Subscription Packs

There are 4 subscription plans on offer. These include Ather Connect Lite for basic connected features and include a periodic maintenance. Ather Connect Pro, Ather Service Lite and Ather Service Pro are the other three options.

Customers opting for Ather Service Lite benefit from periodic maintenance packs along with road side assistance and labor chargers. Ather Service Pro assures premium service experience and free charging via the Ather Grid till March 2021.

Ather in Delhi
Ather in Delhi

Ather Leasing Options and Assured Buy Back

Ather Energy has also introduced new leasing options for the 450X scooter for which it has partnered with Autovert, a Bengaluru based automotive financing firm. These start at down payment options of Rs.25,000 going up to Rs.60,000 while monthly rentals along with service and insurance starts off at Rs.3,900. Customers can exit this scheme after one year or retain the same while they also have a choice to surrender the vehicle after a three year lease period.

Where the buy-back scheme is concerned, Ather Energy promises a maximum of Rs.85,000 on the Ather 450X after a period of three years while on the Ather 450 Plus this figure stands at Rs.75,000. The company has put a limit on mileage at 30,000 kms.

Variants, Features, Battery Specs

Ather 450X is offered in Plus and Pro variants. It receives a 7 inch touchscreen offering readouts, etc. There is also an Android based open source operating system with features such as map navigation and on board diagnostics, Bluetooth for music and access to incoming calls, and 4G connectivity via an in-built e-sim card.

Ather 450X is capable of three riding modes of Eco, Ride and Sport while there is also a Wrap mode allowing the scooter to accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in 3.29 seconds. The 450X also sports parking assist system with reverse and forward mode, under-seat illumination with 22 liter storage and regenerative braking.

The Ather 450X EV also gets dedicated app for directing riders to the closest charging station, view vehicle statistics, save locations and store documents. Battery specs include an IP67 rated 2.9 kWh lithium ion battery pack offering 8 hp power and 26 Nm torque. This allows the scooter to reach a top speed of 80 km/h and riding range of 85 km on single charge.

Network Expansion

Plans are afoot to introduce the scooter in Delhi by Diwali while the company continues to expand its charging infrastructure with 135-140 public charging points to be added which will continue to offer customers free charging till 31st March 2021. Other plans for FY 2021 include expansion to 15-16 cities taking launch plans to 25 cities across India by the end of that year.

There is also a new plant coming up in Hosur, Tamil Nadu by the end of this year. Exports prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic were planned to countries of South East Asia, Europe and Latin America. These plans are back on track though what was expected to take 12 months could now take upto 2 years.

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