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Ather Electric Scooter Gets New Ride Mode Via Latest Update

New SmartEco ride mode for Ather will make it easier for users to achieve the scooter’s true range with limited impact on performance

Ather Electric Scooter
Ather Electric Scooter

One of the many benefits of electric scooters is that performance and overall experience can be improved via OTA updates. New features can also be introduced at regular intervals. There is no need to visit the service centre and everything gets done in a few minutes.

Ather SmartEco OTA update

Ather’s latest update includes a new SmartEco ride mode that is designed to dynamically adjust range and performance. To get SmartEco ride mode, Ather 450X and 450 Plus users need to download the latest version of Atherstack software. In Ather app, users need to activate the Ather Labs option to become eligible for this update.

Ather Labs provides early access to new features and seeks feedback from users. Earlier also, a number of new features were made available through Ather Labs such as Trip Planner and Savings Tracker. Latest SmartEco ride mode will be available to users who have Ather Connect Pro subscription plan.

If all such conditions are satisfied, users need to choose ‘Update Now’ option via settings on the scooter’s touchscreen display panel. The battery has to be at least 40% to get the update. The update takes around 5 minutes, post which users can select SmartEco mode via settings.

Ather Electric Scooter
Ather Electric Scooter

When selected, the existing Eco mode is replaced by SmartEco on the screen. Users can return to standard Eco mode anytime they want. Other ride modes of Ride, Sport and Warp remain unchanged.

Ather SmartEco ride mode benefits

SmartEco ride mode essentially aims to achieve a midway between Eco and higher speed ride modes. In a conventional system, the Eco mode does maximize range. However, it significantly limits the options available to the user. For example, if the user needs to overtake, they will have to switch to a different mode.

SmartEco works differently, as it can sense the exact requirements at a given point of time. It can factor variables like user riding style, total load on scooter, terrain, etc. Based on these factors, SmartEco makes dynamic adjustments to acceleration. Simultaneously, it also keeps an eye on power consumption to ensure the scooter can achieve its true range.

In SmartEco mode, a power bar is displayed on the dashboard. When the power bar is blue, it indicates that there is ample power available. Users can accelerate as per their needs. When power bar turns red, it means less power is available. At these times, users should not accelerate or speed up. If they need to do so, they can switch to Ride mode.

It is to note that this update is being rolled out gradually. It may not be available to all users simultaneously. Users also need to ensure that their Ather App has been updated to the latest version.

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