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Ather Electric Scooter Records 50k Production Milestone

Ather Energy celebrates 50,000th electric scooter production landmark – Ather 450X Gen 3 in Mint Green

50,000th Ather Electric Scooter
50,000th Ather Electric Scooter

In recent months, EV sales in India have punched in higher numbers. And this has gotten enthusiasts, potential buyers, and the market in general to take note. With a multitude of electric two-wheeler brands reporting sales growth, the e2W industry has collectively benefitted. Momentum is expected to tide the industry in the months to come and help further strengthen this space.

Ather Energy too has been reporting promising sales. In July 2022, sales were just shy of 2.5k units. Growth trends have now culminated in Ather Energy reporting its first 50,000 units production milestone. Accelerated growth over the recent 12-month period has helped reach the milestone in quick time. Given current trends, and overall growth reported by most electric two-wheelers, these numbers are further expected to grow.

Ather Electric two-wheeler sales growth

While e2W sales are still a small fraction of total 2W sales, these numbers will continue to improve as per demand estimates projected. With a renewed interest in electric two-wheelers, largely led by e-scooters, the current marketplace is proving to be a place of trust. Initial skepticism is no longer as pronounced, and more people seem keen.

This even though e2Ws are not really cheap-er than traditional two-wheelers, especially high-speed variants. Market behaviour reveals an acceptance for e-scooters, irrespective of price bracket. An indication that a growing number of buyers are placing their confidence in charging on the go over filling on the go.

e2W charging network

In the meantime, the charging infra network across cities continues to be strengthened. Such centres are also exploring opportunities of swapping charged batteries for drained ones. This in turn would help save time and culminate into an efficient approach.

As the network grows, it instills more confidence and continues to bring e2Ws into a position of favour. Given the potential of 2W sales in India, the e2W space will grow leaps and bounds as the country moves towards proposed deadlines of limiting dependency on fossil fuels.

Ather 450X Gen 3 ride range

Since its first launch in 2018, Ather Energy has come a long way. With over 4 years of sales under their belt, the company has continued to work on its scooters to ensure they meet ever growing customer demand. The newest launch from the manufacturer was scheduled last month with the Ather 450X Gen 3 e-scooter.

Equipped with a 3.7 kWh lithium ion battery, the 74 Ah capacity unit enables a ride range of 146 kms. This continuity on ride range improvement is another compelling reason that has improved market sentiment.

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