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Ather Electric Scooter Sales April 2022 – Grows YoY And MoM

Ather Energy reports manifold growth in April 2022, sells 3,779 units; reports MoM and YoY growth

Ather Electric Scooter
Ather Electric Scooter

The electric two-wheeler industry in India has over time seen many new entrants. The marketplace is open to tech-based companies who are focused on changing the face of mobility in the years to come. This is in tandem with overall industry transition targets.

India has largely been driven forward on two-wheelers. So, it’s not surprising that the e2W transition is expected to be the highest by the turn of the decade. With serious transition goals by 2030, the switch to e2Ws is expected to be in the region of 80 percent. With two-wheelers completely fuelled by petrol, this transition would change the course of crude oil import.

Ather Electric Scooter Sales April 2022

Electric two-wheeler manufacturers are seeing positive sales growth in recent months. April 2022 sales support the trend. Ather Energy reported sales at 3,779 units. YoY sales are up from 1,064 units. Volume growth stood at 2,715 units.

Unlike last time, where MoM sales declined – this time they too have registered growth. April 2022 Ather MoM sales are up from 2,591 units. Volume growth stood at 1,188 units at 46 percent growth rate. YTD sales stands at 11,237 units, up from 3,697 units sold in Jan – Apr, 2021.

Ather Electric Scooter Sales April 2022
Ather Electric Scooter Sales April 2022. 8 April 2021 sales no are an estimate, on the basis of % growth reported by Ather.

Ather Energy expansion

Ather Energy has serious expansion plans. To reach more customers, the company is keen on expanding into new cities, introducing experience centres, and open dealerships. In April 2022 alone, Ather expanded its retail presence having inaugurated three new experience centres– Aurangabad (Maharashtra), Tirur and Malappuram (Kerala). Apart from this, the company is focused on strengthening its charging network.

With multiple aspects of e2W industry development being worked upon simultaneously, growth trends have been heartening. But with industry goals being larger than life, growth needs to be faster. And while a range of charts point to operating costs being cheaper, namely the need not to spend on petrol, electric bikes aren’t cheap. In fact, Ather offers its scooters at a starting price of Rs 1.18L.

e-scooter sales growth

Two wheeler sales far exceed four wheelers here. And electric alternatives are now available with a range that automatically widens its scope. Low-speed scooters can almost be ridden by anyone, and don’t require registration and licence. With EV tech improving continuously, range anxiety issues are already being answered. Plans to improve the EV charging network further eases EV transition.

New age manufacturers are essentially moulding the e2W industry. Currently, the number of new manufacturers far exceeds the number of traditional manufacturers who are offering electric bikes. While the Indian two wheeler industry continues to be dominated by motorcycles, in the electric space, its electric scooters have taken the lead. In fact, the number of electric motorcycles on offer or intended for launch are far lower than e-scooters available.

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