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Ather Electric Scooter Sales Oct 2022 Cross 8k – 3 Digit Growth

Ather Energy reports 3 digit growth in October 2022; Sales reported at 8,213 units

New Ather Electric Scooter
New Ather Electric Scooter

Having heralded the e2W industry growth story a good while before the dense marketplace it’s grown into today, Ather Energy continues to go from strength to strength. Where demand is concerned, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Karnataka are key markets. Alongside volume growth, the company is intent on its fast-charging grid expansion.

That number gets a boost from the installing of 500 Ather fast-charging grids. In tandem with festive fervour, 250 units of Ather 450X were delivered on a single day during Diwali at Bangalore.

Ather Electric Scooter Sales Oct 2022

October 2022 sales peaked at 8,213 units. Sales growth is reported at 122 percent, up from 3,699 units. Volume growth stood at about 4.5k units. In September 2022 itself the company reported high sales volume at 7,435 units. And went in to outdo itself in October. MoM sales growth stood at 10.46 percent. Volume gain stood at 778 units.

Ather sales keep up, and constitute a sizable chunk of the growing e2W industry. To support its sales growth, Ather Energy continues to expand on experience centres. Its retail presence benefits from 8 new centres. They are located at Pondicherry, Jodhpur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Vellore, Ludhiana and Madurai.

Ather Electric Scooter Sales Oct 2022
Ather Electric Scooter Sales Oct 2022

Ravneet Singh Phokela, Chief Business Officer, Ather Energy said, “We’ve had a great festive season and have registered record sales over the past couple of months. This month we crossed 8000 retail sales, with demand coming from across the country. Importantly, the growth came from new as well as existing cities, and we expect this momentum to get stronger over the next few months.

Having addressed the supply chain issues over the last few months, our focus is now on servicing the strong demand that we are seeing and ensuring that we keep the waiting period down to a bare minimum for our customers.

In our endeavour to build accessible charging infrastructure to fast-track EV adoption, this month we achieved a major milestone of having installed 500 charging stations across India. This possibly makes us the biggest fast charging network for 2-wheelers in the country. We have also added eight retail outlets this month and are investing aggressively to ensure our scooters are easily accessible across the country.”

e-Scooter sales fuels electric 2W industry growth

Electric two-wheeler sales have gotten to where they have on the back of e-scooters. And within the industry, it’s the high-speed offerings that have the consumer market hooked. Ather Energy finds itself at a leading position where its product portfolio is concerned. Though small, the manufacturer sells e-scooters folks want to buy.

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