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Ather Mandating Dot Charger? Portable Charger To Cost Extra?

Ather Dot Charger
Ather Dot Charger

Ather Dot charger and Portable charger have their own unique benefits, which is why customers need to have the option to choose

Ather 450X electric scooter can be charged in a home environment or via the Ather Grid charging network. The Grid is accessible for only the top-spec Ather 450X Pro Pack variant. For home charging, the options available are the wall-mounted Dot charger and the easy-to-carry Portable charger.

However, as per inputs provided by a user, Ather now seems to be mandating the Dot charger with the scooter. Earlier, buyers had the option to choose between Dot charger and Portable charger at the time of making the payment. Now, it appears that Dot charger is part of standard equipment. Anyone who needs the Portable charger will have to pay extra.

Different needs, different chargers

Both Dot charger and Portable charger have their unique advantages. Dot charger seems more hassle free, as one does not need to carry the charger with them or worry about forgetting it or misplacing it.

The Dot charger comes with all the required installation accessories. It can be installed by Ather on request or by any local electrician. Once installed, the Dot charger is like having a fuel pump installed right inside your home.

Ather Portable Charger
Ather Portable Charger

However, Dot charger won’t be suitable for folks who have varying commuting schedule. This is especially true in case there aren’t enough Ather Grid stations in the city. Also, 450X base-spec owners will anyways won’t have access to the Grid. Another limitation of Dot charger is that it will work with only the owner’s scooter. It will not work with any other Ather scooter. But users have the option to approach Ather customer helpline and request to link the charger with the scooter ID.

Ather Portable charger seems more convenient, as it works just like a laptop charger. Any 5A socket can work for Ather Portable charger. It can be easily carried anywhere under the seat. Portable charger also makes sense for folks who switch houses and cities quite often. The Portable charger is not linked to any specific scooter ID and can be used to charge any Ather scooter.

Users may end up with 2 chargers

If the Dot charger is part of standard equipment, users wanting the Portable charger will end up with two chargers for their Ather scooter. They will also need to pay extra to get the Portable charger. This will result in wastage of resources.

It remains to be seen how Ather responds to feedback from users. If there’s sizeable pushback, it is possible that Ather may bring back the option to choose between the Dot charger and the Portable charger. Clearly, there’s no technical or safety issue with the Portable charger, as it is available at additional price. Mandating Dot charger may not impact Ather scooter sales, but it seems a bit unsettling for folks who prefer a portable charger.

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