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Ola S1 Vs Bajaj Chetak Vs Ather Electric Scooter – Hill Climb Test

While Ola S1 Pro got the best 0-40 kmph kick down acceleration, it failed to reach top of the hill even in Sport mode

Electric Scooter Hill Climb Test
Electric Scooter Hill Climb Test

There has been a raging ongoing debate about performance of electric scooters which are key to future mobility solutions. Many electric scooters have faced scrutiny regarding their battery management system which often fail to respond in tough conditions.

While it is very true that EVs are very quick off the block, many e-scooters fail to keep up the performance in challenging terrains. The latest video from Asardar Reviews on YouTube is a clear example of battery-powered scooters not being able to perform up to the mark in certain cases.

Electric Scooter Hill Climb Test

In this particular video, the vlogger has cited three well-known examples in the form of Ather 450, Bajaj Chetak and Ola S1 Pro. Here, all three electric scooters are tested separately on hilly terrain and their performance is scrutinised. The vlogger reveals that this test has been conducted specifically for people living around hilly areas who are planning on buying an electric scooter.

All electric scooters seen here have been tested with a pillion sitting behind the rider, at least initially, giving a real-world simulation. The test starts with Bajaj Chetak since it’s the oldest of all three models seen in this video. The vlogger slots Chetak in Eco mode initially. It started off well with some promising performance and managed to make some sharp turns relatively easily.

After a couple of tricky hairpins, Chetak automatically switched to Sport mode when it realised that the scooter might need more power while climbing up. Here the scooter has clocked a top speed of around 45 kmph on its upwards journey with fair ease. Next up is Ather 450 which has been a revolutionary model in the electric mobility space.

Ather Performs Best

Like Chetak, Ather 450 gets multiple ride modes, however, unlike the former, ride modes on this one have to be manually toggled. In this case, as well, the vlogger started out in Eco mode and after a couple of hairpins it was realised that it loses momentum, especially with 2 people sitting on it. When slotted in Warp mode, Ather 450 is able to reach the top of the hill fairly easily while attaining an impressive top speed of 60 kmph.

Ola S1 Pro Disappoints

Ola S1 Pro was kept last since, it is the latest offering in the two-wheeler EV space and claims the best performance, at least on paper. When started in Eco mode, S1 Pro offers the quickest 0-40 kmph acceleration. However, when it comes across its first hairpin, speed of the scooter drastically reduces until it comes to a complete halt. The scooter refuses to respond to throttle twists.

It remained the same, even after the pillion disembarked. The Ola e-scooter started climbing uphill once switched to Sport mode, however, it once again came to a sudden stop when the AI in the scooter notified that the battery has heated and needs to be cooled. Vlogger had to push the scooter before reaching the top.

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