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Atumobile Atum 1.0 Electric Motorcycle detailed ahead of India launch

The Atum 1.0 electric bike uses mechanical front disc brake, LED headlight and digital instrument console

India is quickly turning out to be a hotbed for electric vehicle startups, especially the ones dealing with two wheelers. The huge market potential in addition to subsidies and incentives from state and central governments make the environment conducive for entrepreneurs to plunge into the e-mobility sector.


Hyderabad-based Atumobile is one of the newest startups to showcase its near-production ready prototype of an electric motorcycle. While most young EV startups are pursuing premium and mid-premium segment of electric motorcycles, Atumobile wants to start things with a simple and affordable low-speed bike.

Called the Atum 1.0, the modest looking runabout has been categorized as a low-speed vehicle by ICAT (International Center for Automotive Technology). It will have a top-speed of 25 kmph and riders will not require license or registration to operate one. This segment is usually populated by scooters and mopeds but Atumobile wants to stand out with its bike. Watch the founder talk about the new e-bike in the video below.

Atum 1.0

The Atum 1.0 is engineered in-house and employs components that are mostly sourced within the country. The electric two wheeler has more in common with a premium bicycle rather than a low-cost motorcycle. The 1.0 employs a tubular frame, a rectangular block of a saddle, fat tyres and spoke wheels.

To keep the costs in check, the Atum 1.0 adopts mechanically operated front disc brake. The rear wheel appears to rely on regenerative braking for retardation. While the front end uses telescopic forks, the rear of the bike eschews suspension. Atumobile must really be targeting a very competitive price point with this level of equipment. That said, the electric vehicle features LED headlamps, digital instrument display and lithium-ion battery pack (replaceable) with a claimed range of 100 km. The bare bones design clearly favours function over form.

Launch and retail operations

Atum Electric Motorcycle

We hope that the Atum 1.0 undergoes some aesthetic enhancements before the production commences. The electric bike is expected to be launched in the coming months with online sales. More details on the retail plans are expected to be announced closer to the launch.

Atum will be targeting young urban commuters who are looking for a cost effective mode of transportation. With people now averse to using public transportation due to the threat of pandemic, affordable solutions with low running costs will be receiving good attention in the market. We could be seeing more such motorized bicycles being launched in the short term.

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