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Atum Electric Motorcycle First Batch Delivered To Owners In Hyderabad

Atum Electric Motorcycle Delivery Starts
Atum Electric Motorcycle Delivery Starts

Atumobile begins delivery of its low-speed electric bike Atum 1.0 to first customers in Hyderabad

Atumobile has started delivery of its electric motorcycle Atum 1.0. The commencement got underway in Hyderabad. Atum 1.0 is a cafe-racer styled electric bike, and the first 10 units were delivered to customers in the city at its manufacturing unit. The EV start-up takes forward strides with its cost-effective, performance-oriented electric motorcycle.

Atumobile’s greenfield manufacturing plant is located in Patancheru, Hyderabad. Atum 1.0 e-bike was launched on 1 September 2020. The vehicle is available at a listed base price of Rs. 50,000. The company says its product has ‘sturdy build and a retro, vintage design’.

Since launch, over 400 bookings have been received. The company is yet to announce how it will go about addressing deliveries to cities like Bombay, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore, apart from other towns and cities.

Atum lithium-ion battery pack

Atum 1.0 uses a lithium-ion battery pack. It charges in just under 4 hours. The bike can handle a range of 100 kmph in a single charge. The electric bike is available with 1 year battery warranty.

Atum Electric Motorcycle Delivery Starts
Atum Electric Motorcycle Delivery Starts

The Telangana manufacturing facility has a production capacity of 15000 e-bikes annually. Atum 1.0 has been approved by International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) as a low-speed bike. The approval ensures its ready for commercial use. As with a range of low-speed offerings, one doesn’t require vehicle registration, or a driving license.

Operational cost of Atum 1.0

The lightweight portable battery pack weighs in at 6 kgs. It’s easy portable design makes it convenient to carry and charge it anywhere using a normal 3-pin socket. Atum 1.0 is available in a wide range of colours. The company says product design is successfully tested, alongside a range of tests over varying and extreme conditions. Product development relied on the use of indigenous parts.

Operational cost is pegged at unit per charge This works out to about 7-10 bucks per day (for 100 kilometres). It features 20X4 fat-bike tyres, comfy seat height and good ground clearance. Battery warranty is pegged at 2 years. Atum 1.0 features a digital display, LED headlight, indicators and taillight. The manufacturer looks forward to launching a range of e-bikes and scooters

Vamsi Gaddam, Founder and CEO, Atumobile Pvt. Ltd. said, “I am delighted to handover the first 10 Atum 1.0 e-bikes to the customers. This is a concrete step in our endeavour to help the environment by promoting renewable energy-based e-mobility solutions for the Indian consumer.

Atum 1.0 is just the first product in our line-up of electric two-wheelers which is expected to grow in the near future. I congratulate the owners of Atum 1.0 as they are our allies in our endeavour to help sustain the environment and help transform India into a sustainable and environmentally responsible nation.”

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