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Audi working on a 100 kmpl car based on Volkswagen XL1

Audi is working on a new car that will deliver a mileage of 100 kmpl. This new car promises to offer 282 mpg UK through the use of a two cylinder TDI diesel, an electric motor with lithium ion battery pack and a seven speed DCT. This new Audi super fuel efficient car will be based on the Volkswagen XL1 concept.

Audi is working on the development of a 1.0 liter engine to power a car weighing 837lbs. The Audi model will depend on gasoline and not diesel though it may also be an electric model to some extent. It will sport a steel framework with carbon fiber components as against the usual use of aluminum.

Audi has also reported that the future car will be a four seater and will offer all the comforts and climate controls of a regular vehicle. The model will be based on the A1 model which is currently doing the rounds in Europe markets.  This model will offer a mileage of 282 mpg, which in the present day scenario will be most welcomed. If and when this model does make its way into global auto markets, it will always be welcomed with opened arms by car buyers around the world.

Source: AudiProgress


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