Audi A1 Quattro tuned by ABT Sportsline

Audi A1 Quattro is a limited edition with only 333 units being produced. The latest car news, as far as tuning is concerned, is that the German tuners ABT Sportsline have taken this model under its wing and given it a new tuning package which boosts performance. In its factory settings, the A1 Quattro is fitted with a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine that offers 252 hp at 6000 rpm and 350 Nm torque at between 2500 to 4500 rpm.

Audi A1 Quattro possesses capacity to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 5.7 seconds. However the tuned up model lives upto ABT Sportline expectations as it gets a boost to 303 hp and 400 Nm torque with revolutions per minute between 2500 to 5000.

It is this enhanced power and performance that is now offered in the Audi A1 Quattro due to upgrades fitted by German aftermarket specialists ABT Sportsline, that also ensures better acceleration in the vehicle. This is seen in its acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph which is now possible in 5.4 seconds as compared to the earlier 5.7 seconds. All this is without excess usage of fuel consumption or additional exhaust emissions.

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Look at this: 1,390 kg light, plus a 2 litre turbo engine of 256 hp (188 kW) – the Audi A1 quattro is definitely one of its class’s top dogs. And for ABT Sportsline it is an ideal basis for an exceptional car, as Hans-Jürgen Abt emphasises: “A dynamic engine, an intelligent 4WD and a low weight – our A1 quattro is a real racer.“ For the managing director of the globally largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group, this “little devil” is pure energy, provides a lot of fun and with ABT POWER becomes “a racing car for the road”.

Its 307 hp or 226 kW are quite something and its permanent and balanced quattro drive lets this advantage actually find expression on the road. “That’s why I often drive that car myself”, says Hans-Jürgen Abt. After all, ABT Sportsline runs extensive tests not only on the road, but also on race tracks and on the test bench so that the customer can enjoy this car all its life and in full. And the performance of the ABT A1 quattro has also been uprated by using all the experiences made on race tracks worldwide. Always remember: when you read ABT, expect racing competence…

For the A1 quattro this not only means a torque of 400 Nm at 2,500 to 5,000 rpms (standard version: 350 Nm), but also an acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds, three tenth of a second faster than the serial version. The power plus and the additionally improved results do not have an impact upon consumption and exhaust emissions, by the way. And in every day situations this aggressive compact athlete is nothing but gentle and well-mannered, says Hans-Jürgen Abt: “If needed, the A1 quattro reacts immediately if you hit the pedal to the metal and your body won’t lack adrenaline …. But it is also easy to drive through narrow inner city streets.“ Once unleashed, this combination of ABT POWER and quattro drive is a sure winner!