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Audi A2 plans shelved: Uninspiring EV sales to blame


Audi A2 plans shelved Uninspiring EV sales to blame (3)Audi A2 electric vehicle which was showcased in a concept form at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show was supposed to head for production. However, the company has revealed that this is not likely to be the case as plans have been put on hold. Audi A2 is a lightweight electric vehicle scheduled to compete with BMW i3.

However, as per inputs received, this vehicle is not being launched due to lackluster electric vehicle sales which has made the company withdraw plans for its official launch. A2 was to be released in early 2014 as a pure electric vehicle and as a plug in hybrid. It was to be brought in on an MQB platform of Volkswagen Group while interiors were to be a major attraction providing more than adequate room for upto 4 adults.

The Audi A2 four door concept was also supposed to be fitted with a lithium ion battery pack fitted beneath the passenger compartment while its 114 hp motor was to be mated to a single speed transmission sending power to the front wheels. The A2 was also expected to deliver a range of 125 miles but unfortunately all this is not to become a reality.

Source: AutoBlog


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