Audi A3, A5 and Q7 winners of 2012 Motorist Choice Awards

Audi AG is amongst one of the most successful luxury automobile brands across the world. The company has been a top performer during 2012 all across Europe. Following this success is the fact that three of the company models have been selected by IntelliChoice and AutoPacific as winners in the 2012 Motorist Choice Awards.

Audi A3 has been awarded Premium Cosmopolitan Vehicle, A5 has been awarded Premium Head Turner Vehicle, while Audi Q7 is awarded the Premium Kid Friendly Vehicle. These awards were presented recognizing customer awareness, cost of ownership, resale value and fuel economy of these three vehicles.

It was with great pleasure that Audi received these prestigious awards which goes a long way in showcasing the company’s focus on development of premium vehicles that are not only at the acme of design but also well ahead in technology with unmatched performance.

Audi awards were the result of studies conducted by both AutoPacific and IntelliChoice. Interviews of over 75,000 automobile owners were taken into consideration and concentration of 48 key attributes were valued before arriving at final results.

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Audi models turn heads in Motorist Choice Awards

Recognition of the superiority of Audi vehicles just keeps rolling in. Three have earned new kudos in the 2012 Motorist Choice Awards that reflect the opinions of new-car owners about the key attributes of the vehicles they have just purchased.

The Audi A3, A5 and Q7 each was recognized as a top finisher in the awards that are presented by auto-industry research companies IntelliChoice and AutoPacific.

A3 was recognized as the Premium Cosmopolitan vehicle, A5 as the Premium Head Turner and Q7 tabbed as the Premium Kid Friendly vehicle.

The awards reflect studies conducted by the two firms in the form of interviews of more than 75,000 owners who have recently purchased a 2012 vehicle and cover key attributes of the ownership experience, including total cost of ownership, resale value and fuel economy.

“It’s a tremendous honor to have Audi recognized as the winner in three separate categories,” Scott Keogh, President of Audi of America, said in a press release. “These awards underscore Audi’s unwavering focus on developing premium vehicles that are intelligent in design, progressive in technology, and unparalleled in performance.”