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Audi A3 surpasses Mercedes Benz CLA sales by nearly 2 folds


Mercedes Benz CLA coupe helped jump past BMW to become U.S bestseller and the coupe was noted as most successful Mercedes model in 2 decades. Now, Audi A3, which is just 3 months old, is overtaking CLA in terms of sales, by ratio of nearly 2 to 1.

audi-a3-for-indiaDespite being one of hottest cars in 2013, Mercedes Benz sees sales of CLA declining through 7 out of 8 months continually. Last month in U.S, 1,658 units of CLA rolled out whereas Audi sold 2,452 units of A3 sedan.

Entry level luxury car segment surrounding $30,000 budget is filled with cars like Honda Accord, Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Malibu. When high end luxury car makers enter this space, they have the risk of cannibalising immediately higher product in their portfolio, not to mention chances of brand exclusivity being blemished.

mercedes-benz-cla250Top notch car makers see this segment as an opportunity to plant their brand into lives of up and coming high flyers, so that they would stay in the company while upgrading to full fledged luxury sedans. In customers’ point of view, opportunity to grab better snob value is presented through this segment. Its a win-win situation, but, it doesn’t end there.

In India, Audi will launch A3 sedan in coming weeks and Mercedes is expected to launch CLA class compact sedan in coming months. Lets see which one races ahead in sales here.

PS: RushLane is en route to Audi A3 media drive at Udaipur, stay online for photos and updates.

Mercedes Benz India plant in PuneVia – Bloomberg


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