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Audi A3 2.0 TDI diesel alongside 1.8 TFSI petrol for India? Spy shots say so

Audi A3 sedan tdi diesel 03

Audi A3 compact sedan was unveiled at 2014 Delhi Auto Expo along with Audi Sport Quattro Concept. The A3 will be brought into Indian market via CKD route, assembled in Audi’s Aurangabad plant. The new entry level to be Audi product in India will feature both petrol and diesel engines.

Audi A3 sedan tdi diesel 01Speaking about the diesel engine, Audi A4, A6, Volkswagen Passat, Jetta, and Skoda Octavia currently occupies the 2.0l four cylinder TDI engine in at least one of their variants, but in different states of tune. Now, as you see in the spy shots, the new Audi A3 is also spotted with a 2.0 TDI.

Considering the fact that Audi A3 will take A4’s place of being the entry level product in the company’s Indian line up, A3’s 2.0 TDI might push out less peak power than A4’s 143 PS, like in Q3S. Back at Auto Expo, the A3 was showcased with 1.8 litre TFSI mill, that is used by A3 in Europe.

The 2014 World Car of the Year Audi A3 will be launched here in mid 2014 (possibly in June or July). Since Mercedes Benz CLA will not be launched this year, Audi A3 will surely get a bigger welcome by prospective new luxury car buyers in the entry level segment. Once launched Audi A3 will become the most affordable four door premium luxury sedan in the country.

Dealers of Audi India have already started getting high number of inquiries for the same. Many dealers in major cities of India have asked for increasing their allotted number of quota for the A3 due to high demand. In some cases, dealers have requested to almost double their quota.

Audi A3 sedan tdi diesel 03Audi finished 2013 as India’s largest luxury car manufacturer with record sales of 10,002 units, making them the first and only luxury car maker to cross the 10,000 sales mark in India till date. They have continued the momentum into 2014 as well. Audi India registered their best ever sales for March 2014, registering a record sales of 1,404 units. With the launch of A3, Audi can only expect to see their sales reach even greater heights in India.

Audi A3 sedan tdi diesel 01Spy shots – indianautosblog


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