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Audi Aicon Concept sedan, the future of autonomous driving

Audi Aicon concept sedan has been unveiled ahead of 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Sporting a four door 2+2 concept, this fully autonomous luxury saloon has neither steering wheel nor pedals. It boasts of the interiors of a first class airline cabin, measures 5.4 meters in length and can travel upto 800 kms on a single charge.

The fully autonomous luxury Audi Aicon concept sedan brings together innovations with regard to drive train, suspension, digitization and sustainability. It is designed for performance with exterior designs that are seen with large expanses of uninterrupted surfaces, darkened side sills and large 26” wheels. The front end also sports inverted hexagonal single frame which is a typical feature on Audi’s new generation of electric cars.

Interiors feature a conventional dashboard, transparent roof, upholstered two seat bench which can be retracted for two front seats to slide back and forth in forward and rear positions. These seats can also be swiveled upto 15 degrees and storage space is at a total of 660 liters.

The low slung Audi Aicon concept uses animation on display surfaces to warn pedestrians and cyclists of upcoming dangers. Horizontal stripes of light move from bottom to top as the car accelerates, and from top to bottom at the time of braking. There is also a mini drone deployed with a flashlight as passengers exit, to illuminate the path ahead.

Electronic Vehicle Assistant talks to the driver and allows for configuring the car according to data on the smartphone with each door having its own haptic controls. Voice control and eye tracking is also on offer with a look at the function to operate on the big screen and use of controls on the door to change it. With sustainability being a key note all manufacturer’s are tapping into, electric vehicles have enjoyed a fair share of the limelight all week.

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