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Audi, BMW & Mercedes to visit Indian towns with collapsible showrooms


When customers cannot come to showrooms, showrooms go to customers. This is the case where top auto makers such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz are concerned. The need of the hour is such competitive, that car manufacturers are trying everything possible to tap potential customers across India.

Audi, BMW & Mercedes to visit Indian towns with collapsible showroomsThese three auto makers are attracting customers by taking their showrooms to the customers in the towns of Vapi, Nashik, Madurai, Jamshedpur and Agra besides a number of other towns across the country, reports ET.

These showrooms are assembled in 24 hours and consist of prefabricated materials offering a host of models to customers in the hinterlands. They have all the comforts of a brick and mortar showroom including display area for 4 to 5 vehicles, air conditioning, reception area, VIP lounge and facilities for instant test drives by prospective customers.

Its success has been proved due to the fact that each of these auto majors have confirmed sales of at least one vehicle per day by way of these mobile showrooms. Another interesting fact which was disclosed by BMW when they ventured into Dehradun last year was that the company sold four cars on the first day of sales via their mobile showroom. Sales in these areas are mostly in cash as against what is experienced in urban areas where over 70% of customers resort to financing.

What started as an experiment is now undertaken on a regular basis with auto companies able to penetrate into interiors of India. Another advantage of these mobile showrooms is that cost of construction is kept to minimum while company is able to gauge markets and potential customers in these areas before resorting to high investments to build permanent showrooms in the area.


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