Audi driverless vehicles in Nevada with piloted driving: 2013 CES

Audi Design model OLEDAt the ongoing 2013 CES, Audi made an announcement regarding their own piloted driving plans for the future of driverless vehicles. Audi Head of Electronics Development, Ricky Hudi spoke about Audi’s leadership here, being the 1st automaker to acquire a license in Nevada to test self-driving cars. Last year, the state passed a law to legalise testing autonomous vehicles. Among other companies with a similar license are Google and Continental. The advanced active safety research vehicle from Lexus is on display at CES, makes drivers a part of the driverless car experience.

Google has a host of self driving vehicles which have accomplished thousands and thousands of miles without any accidents or calamities. Continental Corp is in the process of developing their own self driving vehicle while on Monday, Audi has been granted permission to operate its self driving car in the state of Nevada. This makes Audi the second company to be granted this permission and the first in the auto industry to operate autonomous vehicle on public streets of Nevada.

It has been for the past number of years that Audi is concentrating on development of autonomous driving technology. The company also participated at Pikes Peak Hill Climb course in Colorado with an Autonomous Audi TTS Pikes Peak Research vehicle which was developed along with Volkswagen Group Electronics Research Lab and Stanford University. This self directed TTS vehicle completed the 12.42 mile, Pikes Peak circuit, a course that consists of 156 turns in 27 minutes without any difficulty. 2013 Consumer Electronics Show is scheduled for January 8 to 11, 2013 wherein Audi is displaying more details of this self driving and self parking technology.