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Audi e-gas plant celebrates Topping-out ceremony

Even though there are many manufacturers who are harping on the need for use of clean fuels, Audi, the brand with four rings has taken this a little bit further by opening the first e-gas plant. This plant will help in the production of sustainable fuels in the near future.

Audi e-gas plant has been designed to produce synthetic methane gas from CO2 and renewable sources of electricity. Through this project one can expect a steady transition towards usage of cleaner and greener fuels for transportation needs. The plant works by supplying electrical charges to boost electrolysis after which the hydrogen gas collected is them combined with CO2 to form methane.

This e-gas or Audi e-gas as it will be known as is similar to that of natural gas and thus can be piped to CNG station all over Germany. EWE a nearby power supplier will be supplying CO2 for the production process at the gas plant. This CO2 is basically a waste product which is collected from the biogas plant powered by EWE.

The Werlte, Germany plant is being built on an area of 44,132 sq ft and will be constructed using quality materials and techniques which will be helpful for enhancing the overall efficiency of the gas plant. It will produce enough gas to run 1,500 Audi A3 for 15,000 kms every year.


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