VW Group India: Audi, Skoda, and Volkswagen Jan ’14 deliveries

Global sales is up by 6.5% with 798,100 units delivered in January 2014 as compared to January 2013 when 749,500 vehicles were delivered (excluding MAN and Scania). With new launches, and model year cars having been introduced, February could see a better overall result.

In contrast, deliveries in India declined to 5,700 for Volkswagen Group in January 2014. When compared to 7,800 vehicles delivered in January 2013, this equates to 27.4% sales decline.

volkswagen group logoIn India, Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 3,400 vehicles in January 2014. When compared to 4,600 vehicles sold in January 2013, this equates to 26.65% sales decline.

In India, Skoda delivered 1,600 vehicles in January 2014 as compared to 2,400 cars delivered in January 2013 thus equating to 32.5% sales decline.

Sales numbers deduced are from following figures: Volkswagen Group India 5,700 deliveries in January 2014. Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 3,400 vehicles, and Skoda 1,600 deliveries for Jan ’14. As per global group delivery report analysis and estimated calculations at our end Audi India will have delivered a maximum of 700 cars in January 2013. This equates to a minimum of 5.02% sales decline for Audi India when compared to 737 cars sold back in January 2013. The numbers for Audi have not been officially communicated by Audi India.

In reference to Volkswagen Group sales reports pertaining to India, Audi results are not specified, the calculation at our end is simple. Please Note: According to an Audi Spokesperson, “No sales figures for India have been released yet.”

The balance of approx. 700 cars are only of Audi and Porsche in the month of January. Bentley and Bugatti are actually not part of the Volkswagen Group India. Through 2013, Lamborghini India sold 22 cars to report 29% sales growth as compared to 2012 when the company sold 17 cars here. However, at this point we can’t ascertain how many cars the above 2 company’s have sold in India in January 2014.