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Audi India explains why June is best to buy a luxury car – GST Effect

Generic points (Why we should purchase a luxury car in June)

1. Apart from manufactures preloading the GST benefits in the pricing in the month of June itself, dealers are also keen to liquidate the stocks hence this is the best time to buy and the best deal of the year may just be available now.

2. Traditionally after march, April and May are slow months implying dealers will be carrying higher stocks. The demand from customers is at a low because of GST announcement. Any smart buyer who understands economics will know that the best benefits are available when demand is low and supply is high. Which is the case in June hence a smart buyer must understand this is the best time to purchase with best deals.

3. Media articles says- auto majors take GST load off dealers to absorb losses, – it may also imply that the budgets for complete year used for sales support are being used hence we should not expect good schemes in the near future.

Audi Specific Points (Why one should purchase an Audi Car in June)

1. There is still a lot clarity required as far as GST tax credits especially on the dealer stocks. Dealers don’t want to take any chances and are wanting to liquidate as many stock cars as possible. As a result of which they are offering heavy discounts on their stock cars. No dealer is wanting to carry forward any stock on the 1st of July 2017.

2. Audi India has also rolled out great offers to help its dealers liquidate the stock. Audi This is the best Transactions price available in the year so far.

3.There is already huge rush at Audi showrooms of customers who realize this situation and the dealers expect to be be stock out much before June ends.
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Mr. Rahil Ansari, Head Audi India said, “Customer Delight is at the center of Audi’s focus and we are sure that our current offers will delight Audi enthusiasts. The attractive prices and packages bring fantastic value to the Audi enthusiasts. It is the best time to join the Audi family, buy your dream Audi and benefit from the privileges of the Audi Club India. As opposed to the market trend, this is not a measure to clear old stock; we are extending the benefits on our new cars as well. This is what Customer Delight stands for,” said Mr. Rahil Ansari, Head, Audi India.

“The GST in principal is a good move to bring the country under a uniform tax regimen and reduce complexities. There has been a strong push on GST by the Government and we are looking forward to the implementation as this is a positive sign and simplification for everyone.

We are still studying the impact of GST to understand the final effect on the ex-showroom price, owing to the complexity of the value chain. However, we are confident on the business development in May and June. We see quite some traffic in the dealerships due to the competitive offers we have launched in Sales and Service,” said Mr. Rahil Ansari, Head Audi India.

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