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Audi India sells 805 luxury cars for Nov 2012: Achieves annual target


Audi India, the completely owned subsidiary of German car manufacturer, Audi, has registered sales of 805 luxury cars for the month of Nov 2012. Compared to Nov 2011, when Audi India sold 425 cars, this is a whopping 89% jump in car sales. As far as car sales are concerned, 2012 has been a tremendous year for Audi India. Audi is just 5 years old in the Indian auto industry, and has already occupied the second position in the luxury car market in India.

At the start of this year, Audi India aimed to sell 8,000 luxury cars in the Indian auto industry, which they have already surpassed, with an entire month of December in hand. This has pushed Audi India to achieve even more sales for the 2012 calendar year. The revised target for Audi India in 2012 now stands at 8,600 units, their highest ever in the country.

In terms of sales, they now trail BMW India by just 122 units, for the Jan-Oct 2012 period. For the same period last year, BMW India had sold 8,042 units while Audi India had sold 4,692 units. Both, Mercedes Benz India and BMW India are yet to reveal their sales figures.

Audi India aims to dethrone BMW India by 2015. They are now concentrating on developing Audi as a brand as well as setting up new dealerships at new cities across India. Speaking about their sales, Michael Perschke said, “Although the market situation is tough, we have been able to get good sales as we have been able to expand our product portfolio and increase sales network. Besides, we have been really focusing on building the Audi brand.”


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