Audi set to launch 7 new vehicles in current year

It looks like Audi is going all out this year to capture the luxury auto sector in India. Earlier yesterday, Audi India announced that they will be launching 7 new luxury cars in India this year. While putting two of cars on display at the Delhi Auto Show, it was announced that only two of the seven cars to be launched will be manufactured in India while the other five will be brought in as complete built up units.

Besides these seven new cars, Audi is also planning on bringing in a new variant of the Audi A8 L called Audi A8 L Security. This vehicle, as its name suggests, will be well a high security vehicle which Audi is launching to compete with Mercedes Benz S Class Security and BMW 7 Series Security variants.

Of the 7 cars that Audi is scheduling for 2012, one will be a Q3 crossover which will be launched both as petrol and diesel variants and will be available both in front wheel drive and all wheel drive Quattro. Audi A4 sedan is up next and will be launched by mid 2012 probably at the same time as when BMW will be launching its F30 3 Series in the country. Audi will also introduce 3 sports sedans in S Series which will be both stylish and sporty in appearance. Audi S Sedan were showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo and will be introduced in India as CBU’s.

Audi TT Coupe is also in the offing and will be launched with stylish interiors and engine upgrades. This will have a new 2.0L TFSI engine while a 2.0L turbo diesel will be seen in international markets. Extensive use of aluminum is seen in this Coupe, which means weight is at its minimum, resulting in an overall weight of just 1,240 kgs.