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Audi India races towards top spot in 2012: New Q5 SUV launch nears

Audi India has raced towards the No 1 position in the luxury car market. Audi is yet to reveal how many cars they sold during the year, and so is BMW. For Jan to Oct 2012 period, BMW India sold 7,389 cars while Audi India is sold 7,267 units, behind by just 122 units. Mercedes Benz India revealed earlier today that they sold 7,138 cars in 2012. Mercedes Benz has revealed their figures for the year, and they sold 7,138 cars.

Audi India’s update on Facebook reads, “2012 really was the year when we seized the day, 366 times; and raced towards the position of the No. 1 Luxury Car Brand in India. Thank you Audi fans for your love and support. Here’s wishing you a wonderful year ahead!”

Apart from becoming one of the largest luxury car maker in the country, Audi has also taken steps forward to extend their lead on a global stage. It was revealed earlier this week, that Audi will be investing $17 billion to outgrow BMW. In India, Audi has new launches planned for 2013. One of them is the new Q5, a facelift of the current Q5, which was recently launched in Australia.

The current Q5 variant was launched in 2008 and came in with refreshed features during 2012 as it was put on display at the Audi stalls during Beijing Motor Show. While it is scheduled to be launched in India during 2013 it will be seen with same engine options as the model currently available. These will include a 2.0 liter TDI and a 3.0 liter TDI where its diesel options are concerned while its petrol engine will be a 2.0 liter TFSI.

The 2013 model will receive upgrades in the form of LED lighting, a new hexagonal front grille and front bumper, refreshed fog lamps and all new headlights with surround daytime lamps. The rear will get redesigned diffuser and twin tail pipes while interiors will be refreshed with new color schemes to choose from. A new electromechanical unit will take the place of hydraulic power steering which will result in lower fuel consumption while chassis too has been upgraded to offer better riding comforts.

UPDATE: It is still unclear who leads, as Audi India has mentioned that they have raced towards the No 1, and not scaled the top spot.


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