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Audi welcomes Porsche to Le Mans, with a hint (Video)

Audi Porsche le Mans 2014

An old champion is set to re-enter the arena it once ruled. Yes we are still talking about cars at Rush Lane! Team Porsche, one with the most constructor’s titles in the history of Le Mans, and now they are set to re-enter.

Audi Porsche le Mans 201424 Hours of Le Mans is the world’s oldest racing event in the endurance category which is still active. First Le Mans took place back in 1923, which was won by French team Chenard & Walcker. Till date, 24 Hours of Le Mans has seen 23 different constructor’s champion, most of which are to the name of Porsche – 16 wins in a period from 1970 to 1998. This was very impressive considering they had entered the sport much later than established names like like Ferrari, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Bugatti, Mercedes Benz and still managed to win more titles.

But, Porsche decided to quit the sport in 1998, and that too with a win. A year later, the 2000 Le Mans saw a new Champion, in the form of another German team, Audi. What Audi did in the next 14 years, was even more impressive, something that had never happened in the Le Mans. From 2000 to 2013, Audi won 12 Constructor’s titles, missing out only two – 2003 (Bentley) and 2009 (Peugeot).

Now, when Porsche has decided to make a comeback to the sport, Audi has decided to give them a hero’s welcome. Watch the video below to see how Audi is welcoming the old hero back to the sport.

PS – Dont miss the latest Audi R18 e-tron quattro overtaking the slow Porsche tractor. We can guess at what Audi is hinting here!!!


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