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Audi Q Drive and Audi Q life comes to Mumbai


Gul Panag posing with Audi Q5 at Audi Women's Power Drive in MumbaiOn the 26th of October 2012, Audi organized the Women’s Power drive to encourage women to take part in the Audi Q life event which is fast catching on in India. Last week’s Mumbai drive, enabled women in thr city to enjoy the Audi Q life experience. Audi Q drive will enable women enjoy the feeling to driving vehicles in the Q series.

SUV’s like the Q7,Q5 and Q3 were made available at this event. Through such initiatives, Audi not only wants to inculcate the Audi Q life sentiment in women but also wants to make a point clear that SUV’s are not only chosen by men. Actor Gul Panag who hosted the Women Power Drive in Delhi recently, was present at this event too, and took the women through details explaining features of these SUV’s.

Women from all walks of life are taking in the Q life and making a part of their day to day life. Some prominent motorsport experts in India were also present at this event. In the past, Audi had also conducted the Audi R drive to provide enthusiasts with the experience of driving the Audi R8 V10 Spyder and the Audi RS5.


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