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Audi Q3 tucked into impossible parking spot, watch video

Audi Q3 parking stunt

Parking an Audi Q3 may not be a simple task all the time. Some times, we may need to get extra creative to find a spot and shove the not-really-compact SUV when neighbouring cars leave very little room. Here is Audi Canada’s solution to parking a Q3 in such situations. Watch the video below.

Look how Audi Q3 is proficiently tucked into the tight spot in between a Volkswagen Jetta and a plain wall. It may seem that the driver is some sort of a stunt master who inconspicuously got the car to tilt and land both left side wheels on the wall to create a plane of its own with other tires on floor. Turns out, you and I can do this, with a little help outside the car. Watch behind the scenes video here.

Yes, it is a bummer that the stunt is not real. Production crew used a forklift to haul one side of Audi Q3 up while a training wheel sort of assembly bears the weight and guides the car in straight path right into parking slot. This brings us to a question, if the video is about Audi Q3 conquering a tight parking spot or Audi!
Audi Q3 parking stunt

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