Audi Q3 luxury SUV price advantage and Stay Young campaign (Video): How fast will the first 500 units be sold and what it means

The Audi Q3 luxury SUV for the Indian auto market isn’t just another launch. With it comes a very well thought out campaign that is sustainable in the long run. While no one’s spelling it out, if you read between the lines, the message is loud and clear. Start Young. It comes as no surprise then that the 2.0 TDI quattro engine Audi Q3 comes for a price of Rs 26,21,000 onwards (Ex-showroom Maharashtra) for the base model and rises to Rs 31,49,000 onwards (Ex-showroom Maharashtra) for the high end model.

While one may perceive the price to be too good to be true, reality is it is as it is. Pricing the vehicle this competitively gives the Q3 a price advantage, and points a very direct question to the young. Where will you put your next 30 lakhs. In the Indian environment, a luxury car is reflective of one’s standing in society, and would act as compelling force when it comes to making a decision regarding which car you really want to buy.

The Audi Q3 – ‘Start Young’ campaign was loud and clear at the First Driving Impression of the Audi Q3 earlier this year, and their latest advertisement campaign further strengthens this spirit. Having been able to settle on an entry price point this attractive will work positively in terms of sales. Obviously Audi India does expect an overwhelming response having set a cut off of 500 units for initial bookings. The number of actual bookings received will help the German luxury auto maker determine further course of action pertaining to the Q3 SUV. Audi has already begun their upward journey in terms of being top luxury carmaker in the Indian auto market posing stiff competition to BMW, and Mercedes Benz.