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Brand new Audi Q3 found on Chennai beach, no one knows how it reached there

Fishermen woke up to a bright Thursday morning to find a brand new Audi Q3 SUV on the shores of Kovalam beach in Chennai. While it was later confirmed that this luxury vehicle belonged to a realtor in Gowriwakkam, how it got into the waters at Kovalam is yet to be ascertained.

The condition of the Audi Q3 when the Police arrived. Image – Murthy Megavan / New Indian Express

While it was earlier believed to be a case of suicide attempt, these fears were removed as there was no one in the car. Fishermen tried to pull out the car with the help of a tractor used to pull out boats and ships but the car got even more grounded in the sand. The car had its hand-brake engaged, making it difficult for any movement. The local fire servicemen and police arrived on the spot when the fishermen failed to get the car out.

Finally, an earth mover was used to pull the car out from the water / sand. The Audi Q3 suffered severe damage at being subject to lashing waves all through the night.

On closer inspection it was found that doors were unlocked, while the police found a purse and driving license bearing the name ‘Dennis Joshua Kingshlin’. An advocate sticker was pasted on the windshield while the owner was traced to a Williams Garry, a real estate agent.

The JCB earth mover finally managed to get the Audi Q3 out of water. Photo – Deccan Chronicle

He arrived on the spot to identify his car but was not able to give any satisfactory explanation on how it got washed away. The owner stated that the Audi Q3 was borrowed by his relative but was robbed while it was parked at East Coast Road where they stopped for dinner on Wednesday night. The owner also admitted that his relative had forgotten the key in the car itself. Price of Audi Q3 in India starts from Rs 28.99 lakhs, ex-showroom.

Locals say that they had noticed the car racing on the beach on the previous night. Along with the car there was a two wheeler as well. Many times locals have spotted lovers on the beach who spend the night inside the car and leave by early morning.

Some locals say that this could have been a similar case, only that the couple ran away because by the time they realized, the water level had risen due to high tide. The police is looking at all angles and are still not convinced with the answer given by the owner.

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