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Audi Q7 SUV out on a joyride while in for servicing at Mumbai West dealership (UPDATE)

Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO of Indiagames, the company which was bought by Disney in 2011 for $100 million, left his Audi Q7 SUV for regular servicing at Audi India authorized dealership, Audi Mumbai West in Santa Cruz, Mumbai on 20th November.

On Thursday night, Vishal received a message on his mobile phone, stating, that his Bat-Mobile (thats what he calls his Q7 worth 60 lakhs) is not at the service center, but is taking a trip around Mumbai. First Vishal thought that his car has been stolen from the dealership, but when the car arrived at the dealership early Friday morning, he realized that it was not a case of car theft, but misuse on the part of Audi Mumbai.

Obviously Vishal is stunned and shocked. He says that he has heard about such incidents where employees at dealerships take a car, which is there for servicing, out on a joyride. He adds his only concern while the car was out and over-speeding across Mumbai, was that an accident (remember Volkswagen Jetta), damaging property or even worse, a life. He then adds that if he had not installed the GPS device, he would have never come to know about this incident in the first place.

Viashal posted this entire episode along with GPS data on his Facebook. Thanks to his extensive reach on social media, Audi noticed. Audi India Head, Michael Perschke said, “I am personally looking into this, the workshop is Audi Mumbai West checking the concrete background.”

Meanwhile, Audi Mumbai West revealed a hand written record, which states that the car had not left the service center that night. They also showed a video recording of the car, backing their claim. But the problem with this recording, one cannot see the license plate. The only other reason, according to TechnoPurple (the company that provides the GPS tracking service to Vishal’s car) MD, Amit Jain, is that the GPS device was removed from Vishal’s Audi Q7 and installed in some other car.

The latest on this episode is that Vishal has had a meeting with Michael and Gerhard Pretorius (Head of After Sales, Audi India), after which he updated Facebook with this message “Good meeting with Audi India MD @PerschkeMichael & Gerhard hope to resolve the issue soon! wait, watch & hope :-)”

Source: MidDay


On twitter, Vishal tweets the following between 27th Nov and 30th Nov 2012,

“Good meeting with @PerschkeMichael & Gerhard @AudiIN hope to resolve the issue soon! ”

“Team @audiin in touch with me through the day…more progress :-)”

“I had a Fruitful Meeting with @Audiin The Issue has been addressed to my satisfaction. Thx all for ur help & support @PerschkeMichael”

“As mentioned this hopefully is the end for me @r0h1n as i am satisfied with @AudiIN thanks for ur spoort @akm1410”

“Friends @audiin is working towards a solution which satisfies me, lets give them some time. Will update soon. Bat-mobile will be back!”


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