Audi quattro with Ultra technology unveiled

Made famous by the yesteryear rally cars that garnered victory after victory, the Audi quattro all-wheel drive system has been the brand’s technological crown jewel. The German luxury car maker has now unveiled an advanced version of the system. It is claimed to bridge the gap between permanent 4×4 system and on-demand AWD system like never before.

Called as the Audi quattro with Ultra technology, the improved AWD system uses a comprehensive array of sensors and a processor to collect data on driver behavior and road conditions to continuously analyse the driving dynamics. Under low load conditions with low chances of wheel slip, the system will engage FWD mode but if senses lose of traction at front wheels or spirited driving nature, it will seamlessly bring the rear axle into the loop.

New Audi A4 Quattro
The advanced system will eventually find its way on board Audi models with longitudinally mounted engine.

Audi says that the quattro with Ultra technology is “optimized for efficiency with no discernible differences to permanent systems with respect to traction and driving dynamics.” The advantage of this highly responsive and predictive AWD system is reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency. The company claims that the system has a potential to reduce fuel consumption by up to 0.3 litre/100 km.

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In addition to the new sensors, the Audi quattro with Ultra technology employs two extra clutches – one between the transmission and drive shaft, and one on the rear axle – to facilitate seamless on-demand drive transfer.

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