Audi replaces Mercedes Benz as the second largest luxury car manufacturer, BMW still in the lead – detailed report

Volkswagen Group owned Audi has replaced Mercedes Benz as the second largest car manufacturer in the world. Audi has now set eyes on replacing BMW from the top spot and aims to become the largest luxury car manufacturer in the world by 2015. Along with this, Audi has set itself a target of selling 2 million cars globally every year by 2020.

In the month of October 2011, BMW sold 107,789 cars, Mercedes Benz sold 103,378 cars, and Audi sold 108,500 cars. Compared to October 2010, BMW sales grew by 12.4%, Mercedes Benz sales grew by 2.9% whereas Audi’s sales grew by a staggering 24%. On the year to date front, BMW sold 1.19 million cars, Mercedes Benz sold 1.02 million cars while Audi sold 1.08 million cars. Compared to global sales figures of first ten months last year, this year BMW grew by 12.9%, Mercedes Benz grew by 7.1% and Audi grew by 18% in the same period.

From the above figures, it is quite clear that this year Audi has posted the most impressive growth rates. The top three markets that are fueling increase in demand for luxury vehicles are China, US and UK. China is also the fastest growing auto industry in the world currently. Compared to October 2010, in October 2011, Audi sales in China grew by 62%, BMW China sales increased by 43% while Mercedes Benz China sales grew by 23%. All three, Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz are on course to post their highest ever annual sales figures this year.

Mr Peter Schwarzenbauer, Sales Chief, Audi, said, “Sales in the United States have developed very positively across the entire model range. In Western Europe our new models are accelerating growth: there are good prospects for Audi in the coming months in the region, helped for example by the high order intake for the new Audi Q3.”

Mr Joachim Schmidt, Sales Head, Mercedes Benz, said, “We are still on track to sell more vehicles in the full year than ever before.”

Mr Ian Robertson, Member of Board, BMW AG who is also responsible for their global sales, said, “Our new models, like the BMW X1, the BMW 5 Series Sedan, the BMW 5 Series Touring and the MINI Countryman, continued to report strong gains in October and made a positive contribution to our sales performance. New orders have been strong for all of these models, and based on the steady recovery of many markets, we continue to expect double-digit sales growth through the end of the year.”